Packing list: Essential tips for dog travel

Packing list: Essential tips for dog travel


Travelling with our dog can be incredibly rewarding for both us and our beloved pooch. The thrill of exploring new places, sniffing unfamiliar scents, and witnessing the sheer joy in our pups' eyes as they accompany us on an expedition is a fantastic experience. Plus, the relief of avoiding the hassle of finding a pet sitter or boarding service adds an extra layer of convenience.

Whether you're a novice in the realm of dog travel or a seasoned traveller, we've compiled a comprehensive checklist of dog travel essentials that are vital for a smooth journey. From cosy bedding to portable water solutions, this list has got you covered. 


dog travel packing list


Pet travel essentials: Your complimentary dog travel packing list


  • Bedding & blankets

Carry your dog's familiar bedding and cosy blankets. Not only does this ensure their comfort during the trip, but it also introduces the scent of home, helping them adjust to new environments.


  • Harness or collar with ID tag

Tag 'em and go! It's essential for dogs to sport an ID tag at all times, a requirement enforced by the laws of numerous countries. This not only adheres to regulations, but also ensures that if they wander, you can quickly locate them. Whether it's attached to a collar or a harness, it's your call!


  • Lead

Opt for a shorter lead for efficient in-and-out movements, and a longer one for leisurely strolls and beach excursions.


  • Dog seat belt

Safety first, always! Prioritise your dog’s safety with options such as dog seat belts for quick trips, or a full harness or car hammock for extended journeys. The latter not only ensures safety, but also keeps them comfortable during the ride.


  • Poop Bags

Don't leave home without 'em! Pack a generous roll of poop bags for hassle-free waste management. They're lightweight and take up minimal space — a travel essential for responsible pet parents.


Nourishment on the go:


  • Kibble or wet food
Maintain your pup's routine with their regular food. Whether it's kibble or wet food, keeping their eating habits consistent is key. Unless their preferred brand isn't available at your destination, bringing their food along is a smart move. For shorter trips, pre-portioning kibble saves space and ensures a hassle-free experience.


  • Tempting treats

Treats are your secret weapon! Treats work wonders to calm your pup in busy settings, such as restaurants or planes, and make walks and outings even more enjoyable.


  • Fresh water

Hydration is non-negotiable! Regardless of the duration of your journey, ensure your pup has access to fresh water. Prepare a 2-liter water bottle and a portable travel water bottle for unexpected delays — you'll be prepared for anything.


  • Food & water bowls

While some pet-friendly accommodations provide bowls, it's always a good idea to have your own. Collapsible bowls are both practical and space-saving, ensuring your pup dines comfortably wherever you roam.



  • Travel water bottle

Ready for adventures? An investment in a travel water bottle is a game-changer. Whether it includes compartments for food and drink or a specialised bowl attachment, it eliminates the need for carrying additional bowls and keeps your pup refreshed throughout the day.


Health & wellness:


  • Flea & worm treatment

Stay ahead of the game by packing flea and worm treatments. Depending on your travel duration and treatment schedules, safeguarding your pup from potential pests is crucial, particularly in unfamiliar environments.


  • Prescribed medication

Like us, dogs require consistent medication. Be sure to pack their prescribed medication to keep them in tip-top shape during your journey.


  • Towel

Be the thoughtful traveller and pack your own towel. Many dog-friendly hotels offer limited options, so having your pup's towel prevents unnecessary mess and ensures a comfortable stay.


Extras for tail-wagging joy:


  • Toys

Pack your pup's favourite toys to create a sense of familiarity. Toys will also help them feel at home, even in new surroundings.


  • Kongs & kong fillings

For serene car rides and enjoyable outings, consider bringing Kongs and fillings. They'll keep your pup content and entertained, making the journey enjoyable for both of you.


  • Antler bone

Keep your chew enthusiast happy with an antler bone. Unlike traditional bones, these don't splinter, providing hours of safe chewing.


  • Dog carrier (for small dogs)

For smaller companions, a suitable dog carrier is a must, whether it's for air travel, buses or trains. It's an indispensable accessory for their comfort and your peace of mind.


  • Doggie backpack or luggage

Organise like a pro! A dedicated doggie backpack or luggage ensures you've got all essentials at your fingertips.


  • Cooling mat

Heading to warmer climates? Keep your pup cool with a portable cooling mat. It doesn't need electricity and quickly regains its coolness after a brief room temperature pause. It's a hit with both us and our dogs!


  • Travel papers

When traveling abroad, keep these documents in check:

  • Pet passport
  • Veterinary health certificate
  • Vaccination records
  • Insurance certificate & policy documents

Country requirements vary, so a bit of prep ensures seamless travel.