Our Story:


Pawfect Explorer™ is a family-run business of true dog lovers (or should we say, dog mamas), dedicated to delivering high-quality and smart dog travel solutions. At our core, we're not just dog lovers, we're downright obsessed. 

Our aim is to provide dog owners with the tools they need for seamless travel and improved organisation. Our products are designed to enhance your daily walks, enrich outdoor adventures, and support everyday activities - with your beloved pooch by your side. 


Why did we start?


Pawfect Explorer was inspired by our Jack Russell, Jack, and Miniature Dachshund, Reggie. We've always been passionate about bringing our dogs along on our travels, but we quickly realised the struggle of packing all of their essentials before a trip. We found ourselves weighed down by multiple bags and constantly searching for space. That's when we knew we had to create a smarter and more streamlined solution


"Through our growing selection of functional and innovative products, our mission is to spark the spirit of adventure and travel shared between a dog owner and their dog"


As devoted dog parents, we wanted to create a bag that would make traveling with our dogs more enjoyable and less stressful. And so, the PawPack was born, a high-quality and affordable dog travel bag. The PawPack offers the perfect amount of space, finally granting us the ability to achieve unrivaled organisation once and for all!  

In our journey of growth and love for our dogs, we've taken a leap and established our very own haven for devoted dog parents. In our store, you'll find a delightful array of unique leads, must-have travel accessories, and other essentials for our fellow dog parents. 

Our journey of growth is just beginning, and we're thrilled to announce that a collection of more products are on the horizon. Stay paw-sitively tuned!



"Get ready to embrace the joy of being a truly unique and extraordinary dog owner."