Packing for a trip? It's time to start taking your dog

Packing for a trip? It's time to start taking your dog


Travel inspiration starts here! Let’s discover the key benefits of travel and why sharing an expedition with your pooch could be one of the most rewarding things you choose to do


What does the word ‘travel’ mean to you? Does it mean jumping on a plane to explore a brand-new country, and experience new cultures, food, and adventure? Or does it simply mean taking a short trip down to your local beach or park, and enjoying a few peaceful moments to yourself? However, you define travel, it’s always a great excuse to take your dog with you. This blog post will help you discover the key benefits of travel, and why sharing your expedition with your pooch could be one of the most rewarding things you choose to do. Plus, why wouldn’t you want to take your best friend along for the ride? It is even better if that best friend is your dog – and if you’re anything like us, then they definitely are! 


Happy dachshund travelling with Carrie, owner



Go on an expedition: How does your dog make your trip more extraordinary?  


Fortunately, your dog can now travel to most places with you. Plus, us humans are not the only ones that deserve to experience adventure. There is an increasing number of pet-friendly hotels located throughout the world, and many organisations now allow small dogs inside of plane cabins and trains. Nevertheless, for those that want to travel a little further afield, then traveling with your dog will require a level of organisation, money, and responsibility – but take it from us, it’s definitely worth it, and you’ll soon start to think, why didn’t I travel with my dog sooner? We’ve gone ahead and collated some of the very best reasons to take your dog with you on your excursion.



1. You'll experience the best company the world has to offer: 


Your dog loves you more than anyone else, and expresses their love through affection, loyalty, and undying companionship. Your dog will more than likely love whatever it is that you choose to do on your trip – they will explore, play, and snooze with you, and will do it all with very little complaints. Afterall, we know most dogs love adventure, and your furry friend will be participating in all your chosen activities with enthusiasm.


2. Adventure for your dog: 


There is a whole world of amazing and exciting dog-friendly places for you both to explore, from beaches to affordable country parks. Plus, travelling with your dog will teach them many things and make them a better and more well-rounded dog. Since travel can really improve their lives and enable them to experience new things, then why would we not want to take them with us?


3. Level up your social life: 


Whoever has a dog will notice that as soon as they take their dog out with them, most people want to engage and interact with you. Having a dog is simply a brilliant conversation starter when meeting the locals. Your dog will have the opportunity to socialise, sniff, interact, and even play with another human being or dog – it’s a win-win!


4. Get motivated: 


After a long few days out and about exploring your new location, you may feel like you don’t want to do much more exploration. Your dog, their toilet breaks, and overall needs, will be the much-needed motivation you need to get your body moving. Another great reason to meet your step goal!


5. Boost the positive vibes: 


Your dog can always put a smile on your face. Seeing their twinkly eyes and waggy tail every morning is really all you need to kickstart your day of travel. Whether your pooch is peering up at you with big eyes for the last scrap of food, or chasing a butterfly around the room, they will have you laughing in no time, so that you can keep the positive vibes and waggy tail ‘up’ throughout your trip – which will also help you embrace the little things that matter the most.


6. Part of the family:


Your dog is part of your family, why would we want to ever leave them behind? Well, maybe sometimes if we really need a break. Afterall, they’re called “man’s best friend” for a reason. 


Happy dog and owner, travelling, on the go


So, pick up your bag, maybe even choose one of our beautiful purpose-built PawPack's, and enjoy the journey!  


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